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PCC helps communities by helping offenders help themselves:

We bring 20 years of experience to our customers.  Our comprehensive approach, Complete Probation increases probationer compliance and promotes positive outcomes.  Our focus is with each client, at every contact, successful compliance…successful completion.  Our goal is to hold a client accountable for their behaviors, positively impact their lives and enhance the community’s safety and sense of well being.

Serving Alabama, Georgia, Montana, Tennessee and Washington States
We have over 30 offices and reporting locations throughout the United States in order to provide services close to our clients.  Please visit our locations page to find an office near to you.
Our Mission
We provide quality supervision and services, enforce offender accountability and responsibility and improve community safety by reducing criminal behavior and recidivism at no cost to the taxpayer
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Services to our Clients
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Regular Supervison >
Through case management, every effort is made to ensure that offenders meet probation conditions.  Frequent contact with offenders is an effective management tool.
SCRAM (Secure Remote Alcohol Monitoring) >
The most effective method of alcohol compliance monitoring.  Offenders are passively monitored 24/7 through the use of an alcohol sensing "bracelet".  Violations are reported immediately or by court ordered reviews.
Cognitive Behavioral Programs >
Our cognitive behavioral programs, educational classes and professional counseling and guidance referrals offer a series of options to assist offenders in positively changing behaviors and addressing the needs of individual offenders.
Electronic Monitoring >
Allows individuals who have been adjudicated or who are awaiting court appearances the opportunity to maintain employment or school requirements and remain a part of their family unit.  Our Electronic Monitoring program will reduce count or municipal jail costs by allowing offenders and defendants who meet court-approved criteria to be released to the community.
Drug Testing >
Screens breath and urine as ordered by the Court, with results made available immediately and any violations are reported to the Court.